The company cares about your private information and your privacy as well. We intend to provide our users with a healthy and trusted environment. For this reason, we need to collect certain information, just to make sure that your engagement and usage with our website remains safe and you can enjoy the perks and benefits well. We at maxcloudhost uses your data only if it is needed, as in the case of any product delivery, mobile applications, services or website.

The information we collect:

To provide our services to you, we must obtain and process certain information about you. We collect and store Your data when You access our platform or use Our services in order to provide You with better services and experiences. However, we only collect such information and data that we consider necessary to meet our requirements.

  • Name: As registered on your government id
  • Address: The address that you have provided while form filling
  • Contact Number: Your contact number
  • Email address: Your email address
  • IP Address: Your internet IP address

Please note that this information is safe with us and will only be used in an emergency. This personal information is out of anyone’s reach.

How Your Information Is Used

The information that we collect can be used in various ways such as :

  • To provide value to your work and to help operate the website well. Also, it can be used to maintain our services.
  • To provide you with excellent services, we need to improve and expand our networks. Also, the data is used to give you a personalised form to serve you better services.
  • We work on constantly providing you updated services by looking at your usage. For the same purpose, we analyze how well you use our provided services.
  • Developing unique products, their distinguishing features, services and their functionality.
  • In case there is an update or to provide you with other information relating to your services or promotional purposes. The communication can be done directly or by one of our partners.
  • To initiate and process your transaction.
  • Also to send you to push notifications as well as texts.
  • To make you aware of any possible fraud by sending you preventive measures.
  • Also, you enlighten you about our terms and conditions and other legal rights.
  • Use of cookies: A file will be saved on your computer, this will be used to keep a track of your usage of the website. This is done so that the website can provide you with the services as liked by you.

How You Can Access /Correct Your Information

If you are a registered user you can access your information just by logging in with your id and password. You can also email at the company's official email address and you can get the email address from If by any chance you had to terminate your account, your personal information will be stored and safe with us. Also to protect your personal information and privacy, we may vary your identity by taking a few steps. This is done to protect your information from falling into wrong hands. Once your account is terminated, the information will be archived and kept safe in the backup process. Your access will be temporarily lifted, this is done to enquire and take steps to know if it’s you who is trying to regain the access.

Specific Terms and Conditions

The terms and condition will be based on the collection of your personal information will depend on these factors :

  • We will collect your personal information only if we have to contact you.
  • If the processing is in the website’s legitimate interest and not just for your rights.
  • We have a fair and legitimate interest while contacting you as to where it is necessary to provide the services, or responding to any queries you might have. This is used to improve our platform.
  • Also to detect any illegal activities that are happening, the information may be used.
  • On some part, we may have a legal obligation when it comes to collecting certain of your personal information. This is done to protect your and others interests on the website.
  • If there will be any legal need to collect your information, for a contract or legal requirements, it will be made clear to you at the very instance. And it will be updated if it is mandatory to provide the information or not.

Cookies and Device Information

Max Cloud Host uses technologies like cookies, pixels, and local storage to ensure you have a very efficient experience on our website and to provide you with services that are easy to use. Cookies are pieces of data in the form of small text files that are stored on your devices when websites are loaded on a browser. Cookies help us identify your browser and device.

Max Cloud Host collects and stores information such as the browser You use (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, and so on); the operating system of Your system or device; and the most recent website You visited. Cookies also assist us in collecting and storing information and data such as the length of Your visit to the website, the date and time of access, and so on.

You can erase or choose to block these cookies from your device. You can configure Your device's browser to alert You when we attempt to send You a cookie, with an option to accept or refuse the Cookie. If you turn cookies off, you may be prevented from using certain features of our website.

Legal Disclaimer

since we are here to support you and grow your business to great heights. Any malpractices will not be tolerated on our website, given our great service and amazing users connected by us. We look forward to adding value to your lives by providing the best services. And we will protect our users and website security. Our safety and guidelines are legally bonded, and malpractice must be avoided at any cost.


We keep our users' information safe and guarded by many encrypted methods. We provide 100% safety to our users, and hence users need not worry about their privacy and personal information. Users' data is well preserved for any emergency, such as if you are unable to log in. We run a test to see if it is you and then give you access after performing the investigation.

Terms and Conditions

Please also visit our Terms and Conditions section establishing the use, disclaimers, and limitations of liability governing the use of our website at:

How to Contact Max Cloud Host

If you have any questions about this privacy policy or your rights, you can contact us via the following details:

Email: [email protected]


Call: +91 7070431063 , +91 8084516161

Office Address: Ward 08, Pachtaki Yadu, Bairagania, Sitamarhi, Bihar - 843313, India

Changes to This Privacy Statement

We change our privacy policy from time to time. This is done to provide you with great service and a smooth experience. It is advised to check the privacy policy; you can do so just by visiting the website. We will notify you via email as well.

Last update on - 31 Septermber 2022

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