Server Management and Support Services

cPanel & WHM Server Management and Support

cPanel & WHM

Empower your server with comprehensive cPanel & WHM support, streamlining management and enhancing efficiency for seamless digital operations.

Plesk Server Management and Support


Navigate server management effortlessly with our Plesk support. Experience streamlined control, and optimized performance for your digital operations.

DirectAdmin Server Management and Support


Effortlessly manage your server's operations with our DirectAdmin support. Simplify management tasks and streamline your workflow for optimal efficiency.

Virtualizor Management and Support


Unlock the power of virtualization with our Virtualizor support. Create, manage, and deploy virtual machines (VPS) for a dynamic server environment.

AWS Cloud Management and Support

AWS Cloud

Experience expert guidance through AWS Cloud Support. We ensure you make the most of cloud capabilities, backed by reliable assistance.

DigitalOcean Cloud Management and Support

DigitalOcean Cloud

Harness the power of DigitalOcean Cloud Support. Rely on our experts to optimize your cloud experience, ensuring smooth operations.

Linode Cloud Management and Support

Linode Cloud

Discover enhanced capabilities with Linode Cloud Support. Let our skilled team optimize cloud usage, ensuring a more productive operational experience.

Vultr Cloud Management and Support

Vultr Cloud

Enhance operational efficiency with Vultr Cloud Support. Streamline processes and optimize cloud utilization for smoother experiences.

Operating System Solutions

Outsourced Server Support Services

Initial Setup & Configuration

Get your servers up and running smoothly with our meticulous setup and configuration services, tailored to your unique requirements. Start your server journey with confidence.

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24/7 Monitoring

Stay ahead of potential issues with 24x7 monitoring, ensuring your servers are always performing at their best. Rest easy knowing that your server's health is our major priority.

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Diagnostic & Maintainance

Detect and address server issues swiftly with our diagnostic expertise, backed by proactive maintenance for uninterrupted operations. Rely on us to keep your servers running flawlessly.

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Corrupted RAID recovery

Trust our advanced techniques to recover data from corrupted RAID setups, minimizing data loss and downtime effectively. Your critical data is in capable hands.

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Corrupted Disk Recovery

When disaster strikes, rely on our skilled team to recover data from corrupted disks and restore your systems promptly. We bring your systems back to life by streamlining processes and improving responsiveness.

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Infected Website Recovery

Combat security breaches confidently – we specialize in recovering infected websites and fortifying them against future threats. Your online presence is safe with us.

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Disk Space Management

Optimize your server's disk space utilization for improved performance, preventing slowdowns and ensuring smooth operations. Make the most of your valuable resources effectively.

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Backup Setup & Restoration

Safeguard your data with robust backup solutions, offering swift restoration options to ensure business continuity. Your data's safety and recovery are our first priority.

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Fix Email Errors

Say goodbye to email troubles. Our experts troubleshoot and resolve email errors, ensuring efficient communication. Seamless emailing is just a step away. Trust our experience for hassle-free solutions.

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DDos Mitigation

Shield your servers from DDoS attacks. Our mitigation strategies keep your services accessible even during high-traffic assaults. Uninterrupted service is our commitment.

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Security Hardening

Fortify your servers against vulnerabilities. Our comprehensive security measures ensure a resilient and secure infrastructure, prioritizing the protection of your valuable data.

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Software Update & Patching

Ensure the security and stability of your systems by staying up-to-date with timely software updates and patch management. We prioritize keeping your systems secure.

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Framework Support

Framework Support

Introducing Max Cloud Host's exceptional Framework Support — your one-stop solution for seamless website performance. Trust our experienced Framework Support team, with years of experience managing websites.

Our skilled experts efficiently handle troubleshooting, updates, and improvements across different frameworks, like Laravel, Node.js, Django, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, and AngularJS. Your online achievements matter to us. Our support is available 24/7, so feel free to connect with our team whenever you need assistance. Your website's success is our priority.

CMS Applications Support

Discover the effortless CMS Applications Support from Max Cloud Hosting. Our dedicated assistance guarantees your Content Management System works smoothly.

Whether you need fixes, updates, or performance boosts for CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento, our skilled team is here to help you. We're accessible 24/7 for any support you require. Don't hesitate to contact us anytime, and allow us to offer you the assistance you rightfully deserve.

CMS Applications Support
Website Migration Support

Website Migration Support

Navigating website migration? We're here to help at Max Cloud Host. If you require assistance during the process, don't hesitate to reach out. Our expert team is available 24x7, dedicated to guiding you through the process.

We're committed to resolving your queries until they're resolved. Trust us to provide comprehensive and stress-free website migration support, ensuring a smooth migration to a new host. Feel free to reach out to us for any queries regarding website migration.

All Server Management Plans Include

Installation and Configuration

Installation and Configuration

Our server management services include expert installation and configuration of your servers to ensure optimal performance and security. You can trust us to set up and configure your servers to meet your specific business needs.

Troubleshooting & Maintenance

Troubleshooting & Maintenance

To keep the server running smoothly, we take care of your troubleshooting and maintenance needs. Our team regularly checks and improves performance on your website or applications.

Security Hardening

Security Hardening

Security hardening is the main pillar of server management services, and we work toward the hardening goals with the working professionals' team.

Firewall Management

Firewall Management

On the other hand, firewall management helps you add one more layer of security to applications on the server. Thus, make sure that firewall management is adequately handled by professionals.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup and Disaster Recovery

On the other hand, backup and disaster recovery are part of the server management services because we understand the value of the data of your applications on the server.

Analysis And Optimization

Analysis And Optimization

We analyze your server's performance and make recommendations for optimization to ensure optimal uptime and efficiency. Let us work together to keep your servers running smoothly.

Regular Server Updates

Regular Server Updates

We give regular server updates to make sure your applications and portals are updated according to the current version requirements.

24x7 Server Monitoring

24x7 Server Monitoring

Monitoring is the best way to protect your website from hackers and malware activity. Max Cloud Host ensures 24x7 server monitoring services for its clients.

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Server Management Services - FAQ's

Server management is a monitoring and tracking service where you will host your website and applications. Every server needs some security hacks, and this task is done through the server management professionals at Max Cloud Host. Hence, if you want to minimise the breakdown time and run your online platform smoothly, then you can consider Max Cloud Host Server Management Services in India.

Here we want to give an overview of the things that are included in the server management of our company. Some clients are thinking that they will get only a few support services, but that’s not true, and in reality, server management services offer a wide range of benefits to companies such as.

  • Business hosting for all sizes of businesses.
  • Dedicated backup system
  • Managed AWS support
  • Firewall security

Our company is the most trusted and qualified server management company in the world. Our technical support for the different web hosting servers, including Google Cloud, Linux, and Windows-based platforms, and Digital Ocean, works very well for the clients. Our server management team is working to manage and control the web hosting plans of our clients. Some medium-sized companies are looking for affordable server management services, and that’s why our services are ideal for those businesses.

Some people are thinking that server hardening and server audit are the same, but that’s not right. Actually, both are different from each other. We are going to clarify the difference between server audits and server hardening. When our team works on performing enterprise server hardening with a detailed audit report, it is known as the server audit. This report discloses so many different facts such as the condition of the server, changes, and steps for making your server secure.

Pricing is one of the main aspects for companies, and when we talk about server management pricing, we can say that server management costs are mainly dependent on the server tracking requirement. For example, if your server has extensive applications and needs extensive tracking and monitoring, then the cost will be more than $100. If your server monitoring requirements are less, the price will be less than $100.

Does it matter if it is a small or large entity? Handling and operating the server by self is quite difficult for the companies and that’s why they are looking for the server handler services. There are some reasons why server management is important that you need to know, and here are the details:

#1. Your website server will work effectively all the time when a server management team is working on the backend.

#2. No downtime issues! We can also say that the website downtime percentage will be 0% when you get the server management services.

#3. Your server management partner can update and edit the things that are required from time to time.

The cost or pricing of server management services is primarily determined by your needs or the type of server. Therefore, before getting the quotation from other company you need to prepare your requirement list that you want to add in the server management services. First of all, server management service costs start at $99; Hence, it depends on the server management company that you are choosing and your requirement for the cost.

Yes, we provide disaster recovery services as well because this service is crucial for the data security of your web server. Data is the main thing for the clients, and that’s why they are spending a big budget on the server management services.

Here are a few points through which you can determine the advantages of server management services for the company's requirements.

1). Business Hosting for All Sizes: When you buy the premium plans of server management services from Max Cloud Host, you will get free business hosting for all sizes. Therefore, you don’t have to spend an additional amount on hosting because, with the server management plan, you can also get free web hosting for all sizes of business.

2). Dedicated Backup System: The next thing is about the backup system. When you invest in server management premium plans, a server management company will also check your company's backup on a regular basis.

3). Dedicated Monitoring and Security: Keeping your website secure from malware and scammers is not a problem for your company when a server management company monitors and secures your website server 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Data safety and security are both crucial for the clients because they are always looking for a safe and secure company to provide server management services. Max Cloud Host works with the best industry professionals who are certified and experts in server management. Your data will be safe on the server at all times if you use our services.

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