About Terms and Conditions

This agreement is made in the light of the service and the orders provided by the website to the user. Customers have to abide by the terms of the service and follow the agreement as of the customer’s service activation date. This is done to provide a framework that will govern customers' purchases of Max Cloud Host services from third parties. Max Cloud Host reserves the right to reject any additional terms and conditions included in the customer's form if they differ from the set maintained by Max Cloudhost in service descriptions, orders, or any other point in the terms of service.

Domain Rules

Domain Registrations: No refund is applicable once the domain is registered and their addons (Privacy Protection, DNS Management, Premium DNS, or any other addons).

Domain Renewal: Max Cloud Host will send you three reminders to renew your domain before the expiration date. For failure or delay in the renewal of your domain, Max Cloud Host will not be responsible, and once the domain is renewed, no refund will be provided.

  • The first reminder will be sent 30 days before the expiration date.
  • The second reminder will be sent 7 days before the expiration date.
  • The third reminder will be sent 1 day before the expiration date.

Domain infringement: Max Cloud Host is not allowed to register or transfer any domain that is similar to a trademark company, bank, government organisation, brand, or any other. Any person trying to register such a domain name will be held liable for infringement of a trademark. In the event that we receive any complaint on behalf of infringement, the domain will be suspended immediately without any notice, and a refund will not be given. Example: amazonshop.com, flipkartsale.com, zeetv.com, and facebook.com.

GST (Goods and Services Tax)

All the prices of any services mentioned are without GST (Goods and Services Tax). To view the price with taxes, please use the tax calculator. 18% GST will be applied to the final invoice only for Indian customers; if you are outside India, GST will not apply. The GST amount is non-refundable.


When the user account exceeds the bandwidth limit, we will send a notification to every user. If the user does not need to purchase additional bandwidth or upgrade the service in order to continue exceeding their limit, the account will be suspended until the user takes steps to ensure that the limit is not exceeded again, or until the account is upgraded, whichever comes first. The account would be reactivated within the following month.

Uptime Guarantee

In case of any service interruptions or downtime due to scheduled maintenance by Max Cloud Host, our network providers will not be counted towards the uptime guarantee. Max Cloud Host is not liable or responsible in any way for the failure of third-party services. Third-party services’ responsibilities fall onto the customer, and Max Cloud Host will not be liable for failure or delay in performing its respective obligations. in case such failure or delay is caused due to certain circumstances that are beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of any governmental body, war, fire, embargo, rebellion, sabotage, flood, strike, or any other labour disturbance. delay in unavailability, interruption or delay in telecommunications or third-party services (including DNS propagation), failure of third-party software or hardware, or inability to obtain raw materials, supplies, or power used in or equipment needed for the provision of the services.

Servers down by firewalls caused by unauthorised access, failed login attempts, or an excessive number of connections from the customer’s IP will not be covered in the uptime guarantee. In the event of a disaster, this will not be covered.

Late Payment or Non-Payment

Linux Shared Hosting and Linux Reseller Hosting Service: If there is a delay in the payment for the Linux Shared Hosting service or the Linux Reseller hosting service, your service will be suspended after 2 days if you still haven't made the payment. The service was finally terminated after 15 days of expiration.

Linux VPS Hosting, Windows VPS Hosting and cPanel VPS Hosting Service: For Linux VPS hosting, Windows VPS hosting, or cPanel VPS hosting, you need to pay before 5 days of expiration. Otherwise, your service will be terminated or cancelled at the end of its expiration date. Once your service is terminated or cancelled, you will be responsible for your data. Max Cloud Host cannot provide any backups of your data.

Dedicated Server Hosting Service: For the dedicated server hosting service, you need to pay before 5 days of expiration. Otherwise, your service will be terminated or cancelled at the end of its expiration date. Once your service is terminated or cancelled, you will be responsible for your data. Max Cloud Host cannot provide any backups of your data.

Account Termination

At Max Cloud Host, your hosting account will be terminated for the following reasons:

Cancellation Request

Not Renew

Suspected fraud

You violate our Terms and conditions

Dispute or ChargeBack


When you buy any third-party service from Max Cloud Host, the customer needs to agree to all agreements and terms of service of the third-party company.

DigitalOcean: https://www.digitalocean.com/legal/terms-of-service-agreement/

AWS: https://aws.amazon.com/service-terms/

Office 365: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/legal/intellectualproperty/copyright/default

G Suite: https://policies.google.com/terms?

Spam Experts: https://www.spamexperts.com/software-services-agreement

LiteSpeed: https://www.litespeedtech.com/docs/webserver/license-enterprise

cPanel & WHM: https://cpanel.net/legal-notices/

Plesk: https://www.plesk.com/legal/

Softaculous: https://softaculous.com/softaculous/tos

Price Change

We keep the complete right to change the pricing details at any time. It’s completely your responsibility to check pricing details from time to time while taking any services.

Change of TOS

This is to aware that we have a full right to change our term and policy anytime. We do not release and share any notification before changing our services. For updates, you may be in touch with us.

Last updated on: 30-August-2023

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