Is Shared Hosting good for your business website? Advantages and Disadvantages!!

There are various types of hosting that a user can avail of for their own website. One such hosting type is shared hosting. Before we proceed with shared hosting in detail, let’s see what actually hosting is and how it helps a user! 

Hosting can be defined as the term where web addresses or websites can be placed. In other words, hosting is a service that users can avail themselves of to live their websites. 

So, here we are going to know about shared hosting in-depth. When a user wishes to opt for web hosting, he definitely seeks what kind of hosting will be beneficial for their online business or blogs, or web pages. 

What is Shared Hosting?

As the name suggests, shared hosting is a type of hosting service where users share the same server for various websites i.e. the services where the same hosting server is used by several websites is referred to as shared hosting. Basically, the resources (CPU, memory, disk space, etc.) are shared and the cost is charged equally among all the users of that server. 

Shared hosting services are available in categories of a few plans where the users can purchase a plan and get the benefit of features from that particular plan. The differences between each plan range from increased resources limit to a number of websites, domains, etc.

Is shared hosting good for your business websites?

Most of the users are confused when it comes to selecting a hosting plan and specifically they are more confused regarding what kind of hosting is going to work for their business websites! 

The key answer to this question “Is Shared Hosting good for your Business Websites? ” depends on what type of business you have and the number of audiences you wish to target for your business.  In simple terms, shared hosting is a type of hosting that enables various users to share the same server for their websites. So, this type of hosting service is best suited for such businesses which are a startup or wish to have less traffic on their websites as compared to the traffic they can avail of at other types of hosting services. People who are looking out for a shared web hosting plan must know about the following requirements:

  • Amount of traffic expected on their website. 
  • Kind of information required from website visitors. 
  • No. Of websites needed to be hosted. 
  • Requirements are related to bandwidth, SSD storage, etc. 
  • Additional features are required for the website from the hosting plans.

One can easily go for a shared hosting plan in case they are looking out for any of the below-mentioned factors:

  • Have an idea about web hosting. 
  • Want to start with a cost-effective hosting plan? 
  • Wish to start a small business/ startup/blog etc.. 
  • Want to explore or experiment with web designing and coding?

What do users get in shared hosting plans? 

 Before opting for a plan from shared hosting services, users acknowledge what exactly they will gain from that particular plan. Here, we are sharing some insights on what the users can avail themselves through these Shared hosting plans: 

  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Domain for a year. 
  • Drag and drop website builder
  • SSL Certificate
  • Control Panel
  • One click apps installation
  • 24 x 7 technical support
  • Automatically Website backup
  • Automatic Malware Scanner Tool

There are several other features that users will be able to get from their selected shared hosting plans. 

Advantages of shared hosting

When it comes to checking out the advantages of a shared hosting plan, it’s unaccountable! Being one of the cheapest hosting services, it’s quite affordable and can be considered as a product that holds value for the product.  Here, we are listing a few advantages or benefits of Selecting the shared hosting plan: 

  • Affordable & cost-effective: Shared hosting plans are cheaper and pocket friendly. One can easily go with these plans in case he is getting started with his new website/blog. 
  • Secure and reliable: Shared hosting plans are reliable and secure. One can easily rely on and access their website securely. 
  • Host multiple domains: Shared hosting plans allow users to host multiple domains. Users can also host dynamic websites. 
  • No bandwidth limitations: In most of the shared hosting plans, users get unlimited bandwidth. 
  • Administration & Maintenance: The server is completely Administered & taken care of by the hosting providers. They are solely responsible for its maintenance as well. Also, users can manage the server by themselves as minimal or no technical knowledge is required to manage it.
  • Multiple email accounts: Shared hosting plans offer users to create and manage multiple email accounts. 

And so on! There are several benefits of using shared hosting plans. The most important one is the pocket-friendly budget which enables new users or startups to accomplish their goals. 

Advantages of shared hosting
Advantages of shared hosting

Disadvantages of shared hosting

Like advantages, disadvantages do exist and the same goes with the shared web hosting services as well. Given below are a few disadvantages when the user is opting for shared web hosting services: 

  • Limited resources availability. 
  • Your website may stuck on  busy days (in terms of traffic) 
  • Due to sharing your website may get slow at any time. 
  • A limited list of software installations. 
  • Security issues. 
  • Shared hosting plans may have limited features as compared to dedicated hosting plans. 

These are a few disadvantages that exist when a user is using shared hosting plans. However, it depends on the situation and the usage completely for the website. 


When you are just starting or thinking about starting your new business online or are in the blogging profession, you can simply opt for a shared hosting plan. These plans not only help you in understanding the complete concept of hosting, domain, and its usage but also enable users to have a handful of the practice of various web designing and coding. 

However, it is completely not beneficial for such users or organizations which are large or are in need of a large volume of traffic for their new website. There are several other types of web hosting available that one can purchase as per the requirement. 

Check out and try our shared hosting and other web hosting plans to ensure what works best for you! Also, let us know what your take on shared hosting is, its usage, advantages, and disadvantages. Just drop your thoughts here in the comments section! 

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