10 Most Successful Linux Hosting Companies You Can Trust

In today’s world Linux hosting service has emerged as one of the major hosting services for website creation. We can access a lot more features in Linux hosting compared to other hosting. Linux Hosting Services are useful for both small and big companies or for personal use. Linux is very easy to maintain and it is one of the most user-friendly hostings. It even helps to add more than 100 web applications and automatically perform security updates. It is one of the most used and preferred web hostings among others.

There are thousands of Linux Hosting services providers throughout the globe but today we will talk about the top 10 hosting companies that are right for you.

List of Top 10 Linux Hosting Companies:


HostGator is one of the famous companies which offers 24/7/365 support and a 45- days money-back guarantee. It helps in lightning-fast Websites which allows you to optimize your website performance with varnish cache-enabled Linux shared server hosting services plans. It also supports One-click Script and Installs web apps like WordPress etc. with a single click. The intuitive control pane provides help to manage your web hosting with a powerful and intuitive control panel.


Since 2003, Bluehost has had one goal to make their businesses better with its amazing Linux Hosting Services. The use of open-source technology in their product and cloud-based solutions are one of the major successes of Bluehost. It provides us the facility to create an unlimited number of email accounts. It also provides a flexible domain manager, allowing admins to keep track of their domains, emails, etc.


Dreamhost has remained in the position of PC Mag’s Best Web Hosting Service for two consecutive years. It provides you with the best Linux hosting, blog, or e-commerce shop online in a snap. It has award-winning customer support. It Provides 100% uptime to customers. It operates multiple data centers with redundant cooling and emergency generators.

Max Cloud Host

It is one of the fastest-growing and easy-to-use hosting provider companies. You will get various types of hosting plans from Maxcloudhost. All of our plans offer free SSD hosting, domain name, SSH access, Google app integrations, secure mail, and many more with shared hosting plans. If you are looking for affordable hosting then choosing MaxCloudHost is the best decision for you.  All will be able to help you get started with setting up Linux hosting services and answer all your queries as quickly as possible. 

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This hosting company is relatively new. Cloudways was started in 2011 for deploying, monitoring, and managing high-performance applications on some of the major cloud infrastructure providers. Cloudways is a relatively new hosting company. It started its journey in 2011 making deploying, monitoring, and managing high-performance applications on top of major cloud infrastructure providers. It provides an automated backup facility to keep data safe for the customers. It also offers Effective monitoring that allows for faster troubleshooting.


SiteGround is a popular company. It has different web services as per your requirements. It provides the best Linux environment. SiteGround is known for delivering premium customer support with effortless and 24/7 availability service. 

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting was launched in 2003. It has been called Linux Hosting experts. It is more Flexible and responsive than traditional servers. It provides customers with experience up to 20 times faster page load with A2 Hosting’s Turbo Servers. They offer a full line of Linux Web Hosting services for any type of website just for you. They are bound to meet the specific needs of businesses.


Hostinger is a great choice for a Linux server. It has a flexible feature set and competitive pricing plans. It is made to provide the best Linux experience to new website owners and is optimized. It Has dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for all Linux hosting plans. It provides Default support for standard Linux distributions.


Customers can DigitalOcean is a famous cloud-based hosting provider. It provides unmatched flexibility. It gives pre-integrate external tools as per requirement. It also provides industry-standard web protections with 99.99% guaranteed uptime.


 FastComet is one of the popular hosting providers that offer lucrative features at a reasonable price. The company provides many Linux web hosting plans. The several hosting plans provide help to both starting website owners and experienced ones. It is the fastest web hosting service one can get. FastComet even offers free data backups to its loyal customers on a daily and weekly basis to keep sensitive data secure.


Linux web hosting services provide different packages like shared, dedicated, cloud hosting, etc. These hosting plans are for startups and larger enterprises needing more solid hosting. You will get the best plans as per your requirements. Regardless of your requirements, we’ve tried to outline all the possible solutions for your queries. Visit any one of the provided distributors and select the Linux hosting that best serves your purpose.

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