Top 10 WordPress Interview Questions That You Must Know

Are you a WordPress professional and going to attend an interview for the same profile? Top 10 WordPress Interview Questions will helpful for you to prepare for your interview. As a technology professional, you may always have the curiosity to explore both practical and theoretical approaches. The interview is the time when you need to show your key skills behind the company.

WordPress Interview Questions and Answers

WordPress profile Interview Questions are the most appropriate thing for WordPress designers and developers who are going to do an interview with a company. As a technology professional, you need to know everything related to your profile and designation. Some people think that they have enough practical knowledge and they don’t need to remember things with a theoretical approach but that’s not right. You need to convey your experience, skills, and knowledge with theoretical answers. 

Here is the checklist of the most asked questions in the WordPress profile interview. Let’s have a look.

1). What do you mean by WordPress or What is WordPress? 

Most technology professional knows about the meaning of WordPress but what about the complete definition and justified answer? Yes, you need to answer very smartly for this question, and here is the answer to this question-

Sir, Basically it is a free open-source content management system that is written in PHP. In other words, it is also a blogging tool because most bloggers and content creators consider this open-source platform to design their websites.

2). What are the limitations of the demerits of WordPress?

You should always be ready for the negative answers as well of your technology profile because the interviewer can also ask about the minus point of your industry. It is the second among WordPress Interview Questions that you have to answer.

1). The framework required lots of plugins for functionality.

2). By using different plugins, the website loading time will increase.

3). PHP is required to do changes and modifications to the WordPress website.

3). Please Tell Us the System Requirements for Installing WordPress. 

It is the list of WordPress interview questions and answers. One more technical question that came on the list is the system requirements for installing WordPress. Here is the installation requirement of this CMS given here.  

Database – MySQL 5.0 +

Web Server –

WAMP (Windows)

LAMP (Linux)

XAMP (Multi-platform)

MAMP (Macintosh)

Operating System – Cross-platform

Browser Support – IE (Internet Explorer 8+), Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera

PHP Compatibility – PHP 5.2+

4). When WordPress Was Released?

It is important for the candidates to know about the release year of the technology in which they are working as industry professionals. When was this CMS released first? The first version of this CMS was released in 2003. When you re finding WordPress Interview Questions and Answers 2022 then keep this question in your mind.

5). Please tell me about the features of WordPress. 

If you are going to apply for the position of this technology then the WordPress developer interview questions and answers are important to check and features are one of the major things that you need to know about this technology. Here is the list of this content management system features.

#1. Easy to understand

#2. Easy to install.

#3. Easy theme management system

#4. Hassle-free editing principles.

#5. Simple blog publishing framework.

6). What is the difference between WordPress.Com and WordPress.ORG?

It is one of the most asked questions in the list of WordPress developer interview questions because many developers can’t express the difference between COM and ORG. The main difference is the hosting platform between these two terms. With ORG, you host your blog or website.

7). Is there any difference between Pages and Post in WordPress? 

WordPress interview questions for 5 years experience is a major search by the candidates who have 5 years of experience and now going to attend the interview in the big companies. You must know about the difference between posts and pages. Posts are working with the principle of time and arrange in chronological order. On the other hand, pages are static like the home page, about us, contact us, etc. Posts are working on the principle of permanent and timeless entries.

8). How WordPress is Helpful from an SEO Point of View?

It is one of the WordPress interview questions for freshers because many beginners don’t know about the importance of this framework in terms of digital marketing or SEO. Google optimized and indexed the WordPress pages and post fast because this CMS is working with the SEO plugin features.

9). How to rename the WordPress folder?

One more wordpress interview questions that you need to know is the process to rename the WordPress folder. It is possible to rename the folder in WordPress. A developer is required to log in to the web login as the administrator. Once the login process is done then they need to change the settings such as-

WordPress address (URI) 

Blog address( URI) :

Once the change is done, the administrator can rename the folder or directory.

10). What are the different types of Hooks in WordPress?

Hooks are mainly useful to create WordPress themes or plugins with Short Code without editing the real files. There are two types of hooks such as action hooks and filter hooks.

How to Prepare for WordPress Interview? 

1). If you are working as a WordPress developer in India then you must have complete knowledge of all basics and advanced theories of this technology.

2). You need to prepare for the WordPress interview questions from the ground level. First read some basic questions, answers, functions, and principles of this framework.

3). A candidate must also check the historical fact about this content management system.

4). A professional should also know about the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress because it is the basic WordPress interview question.

5). You must read the top 10 WordPress Interview Questions 2022 before going for the interview.

6). Role of WordPress Interview Questions for the preparation of WordPress developer selection is so much important for the candidates.

Final Words to Know: 

WordPress is the best and primary platform for bloggers and content managers because it is easy to use and define. Max Cloud Host offers Cheap WordPress Hosting India because we understand the requirement of small businesses. Hence, if you are looking for the best hosting plans in WordPress then get in touch with us.  It’s all about the WordPress Interview Questions and we hope you understand the top questions that will asked in the interview.

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