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Free Hosting Vs Paid Hosting-Key Differences to Know

Hosting is a required solution to run your online business interface. You can’t imagine your business portal functionality and setup without a hosting partner. There are two types of hosting concepts as Free Hosting and Paid Hosting. Which is the better option for you to use? Here are the key differences between free hosting and paid to host that you must know before choosing. 

Web presence is the most important aspect for the users nowadays and businesses without having web presence always worst for everyone. Therefore, to make sure hassle-free web presence you should also require web hosting. Hosting is a mandatory component to set up an online web presence. Which is the most reliable and suitable hosting option for the users in the current era?

It is the most important question behind us due to the plenty of hosting concepts in the market. Sometimes, users have so many mis’ conceptions in their minds about free hosting and paying to host. That’s why they are not able to understand “which hosting option is best for them”. When you are not sure about the things related to how to choose web host service then you must know about the things related to the web hosting types services available in the market.

What is Free Web Hosting?

Free hosting refers to that type of hosting which is free and on which you can run your business domain and website free of cost. Here is the type of Free Hosting Servers that you must know:

1). WordPress

2). Wix

3). Weebly 

4). Over-Blog

5). Blogspot

On these servers, you can host your website free of cost and that’s why these servers are known for Free Web Hosting. 

What is Paid Hosting?

Paid hosting is a server hosting on which you host your domain with some special features or common features and you pay for the hosting tenure to the hosting service provider.

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Differences Between Free Hosting Vs Paid Hosting:

1). Security:

In some cases, security features and options in both free hosting and paid hosting are the same but not in 70% of cases. Free websites are easy to hack and malware is the common problem in free hosting. On the other hand, paid shared hosting also offers good security features to the users.

2). Network Bandwidth and Port Speed:

No doubt, that in the paid hosting feature you will get more network bandwidth and port speed as well. These features are not accessible for the users when they avail of free hosting. 

3). Additional Disk Storage:

Storage is one of the big challenges behind the users of free hosting because they never get the additional disk storage and more scripting support that they can get from the paid hosting.

4). No Plenty Email Accounts Options:

Yes, it is also an important aspect that clears the differences between free hosting and paid to host that users can’t get the plenty of email accounts options which are easily available in the paid hosting for them. 

5). Insufficient Storage:

The next key difference between paid hosting and free hosting is that you must know if you want to host a multimedia content-based website that storage will not sufficient for you in the free hosting. On the other hand, paid hosting comes with attractive packages of sufficient storage for the users.

6). Size of Business:

As we know, free hosting is an ideal choice for small businesses that do not need more storage, post speed, network, bandwidth, and more email accounts. It is a cheaper option for them and with this option, they can easily know to save more on the hosting purchase. 

7). Types of Applications That You Want to Host:

The type of applications also matters a lot that you want to host on free hosting or paid hosting. For example, if the application that you want to host is related to advanced scripting support then free hosting is not worthy for you. On the other hand, if you want to use the only content management system to promote your products and services then you can use the free hosting

The Bottom Line:

Hence, these are the 7 main walls, that describe the main difference between free hosting Vs paid hosting. We hope you understand the main point. Here we also want to tell you one thing that paying to host from Max Cloud Host is a great idea for you to save extra this time because we offer maximum reliable hosting in less pricing to the users. They can avail extra-ordinary and advanced hosting features in affordable shared hosting plans. 

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