How to Install Free SSL on WordPress Website for Lifetime?

How to Install Free SSL in WordPress Website for Lifetime?

SSL or SSL certificate is one of the most important tools for a website but it is quite expensive in the modern world to afford for small website owners. Hence, today in this blog we are going to tell you about “how to install Free SSL on WordPress Website for a Lifetime”. We hope this information will be valuable to you.

First of all, don’t think that you can install free SSL only in CMS because free SSL tips and tricks are also working for other frameworks as well such as HTML websites, Laravel websites, PHP websites, etc. WordPress is an ideal framework to launch a website for small businesses. After all, it is an affordable and easy-to-understand solution like other technical frameworks. You can Install Free SSL on WordPress Website website by using some tips and tricks.

Security of Your Website is Crucial for Your Business:

As a website owner, it is your job to protect your website from attacks by spammers and hackers. SSL certificate is the first step for you to complete this task. A website owner can minimize the hacker’s attack possibilities by Install Free SSL on WordPress Website. However, only SSL is not enough to protect or secure your website 100% and you need to do so many other things as well.

Install Free SSL in WordPress Website with Plugins:

On the other hand, when you take a look at the possibilities install Free SSL on WordPress websites then we can say that plugins are the right way. Plugins are impressive and amazing for the users because with them they can secure their website without any doubt.  

Top 5 Free SSL Certificate Plugins 2022 That You Must Know:

1). Simple SSL

2). SSL Zen

3). WP Force SSL

4). WC SSL Zeal

5). WP Lets Encrypt

The process to Install a Free SSL Certificate on a Website-

1). There is no need to log in with your WordPress Hosting. You can directly install the Free SSL Certificate by using any of those plugins directly in the dashboard of your website.

2). Login to your Website WordPress Dashboard

3). Click on Plugin in the Menu option

4). Click on Add Plugin

5). Type any of those “Install Free SSL in WordPress Website Plugin”

6). Install the Plugin

7). Activate the Plugin

8). Download all three keys of the Free SSL Certificate for your website in your system

9). Add these keys in the File in the cPanel WordPress Hosting. 

10). Upload the Free SSL Certificate Keys in the Hosting Panel.

11). Verify the SSL Certificate presence again on the plugin page of the dashboard

12). Let’s Encrypt Free SSL Certificate is now installed on your website.

13). That’s the site and it’s all about “how to install free SSL on WordPress Website”.

Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS: Install Free SSL on WordPress Website

HTTP does not hold the security feature for your website but HTTPS holds the security feature for your website. HTTP full form is “Hyper Text Transfer Protocol” and HTTPS full form is “Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure”. Therefore, by reviewing the full form, you can understand the meaning of both terms. When a security protocol is implanted in your website for the transfer of data between the browser then it will become HTTPS.  

How to Get Free HTTPS on Your WordPress Website?

You need to install Free SSL on your WordPress website to get free HTTPS and this rule applies to all website owners. You can use the free SSL plugins to complete this task.

The Bottom Line:

Finally, we can say that installing a Free SSL certificate is quite an easy task for users when they have enough information on this aspect of the process and the resources.

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