10 Factors For Choosing WordPress Hosting Plans

How to Choose WordPress Hosting Plans?

WordPress Hosting Plans! Do you want to buy something cheaper as per your expectations? Hosting plans for the most popular content management system is available with top hosting companies. However, keeping some major factors in your mind is crucial to consider WordPress Hosting India.

WordPress is a CMS that is open-source and free. That means anyone can create a free-cost website on WordPress. We are going to list all 10 factors that you must keep in your mind this year before choosing WordPress Hosting Plans.

1). What is WordPress Hosting?

When you manage and run your website in a rented place or when your WWW business address needs a place to sell your products and services through the WordPress framework then you need to buy WordPress Hosting. Customers can buy hosting plans from the WordPress.ORG portal as well as other hosting websites such as Max Cloud Host.

2). Explore Types of WordPress Hosting Plans:

If you have a domain and you are thinking to develop your website in WordPress, then it is a wise decision for your business. The second most crucial factor for “how to choose WordPress hosting plans” is exploring the types of hosting plans. Here we also make quick options of popular hosting plans for this CMS. Determine the merits and demerits of all these plans.


#2. MARS



3). Does WordPress Provide Free Hosting?

When you are looking for “cheap WordPress Hosting India” and thinking that WordPress.org also provides free hosting to you then you are wrong because there are no free plans for the real domain. However, if you take the domain of domainname.wordpress.com then you don’t need to pay for web hosting with WordPress.

4). Are You Getting Malware Scanner and Removal in your Hosting Plan or not? 

Going to buy WordPress hosting plans and are not sure about the features, then firstly know more about scanner and removal. These are the two major features that you must have in your WordPress hosting account because without them you can’t take care security of your website. Nowadays many WordPress website owners face the problem of site hacking due to malware and virus.

5). 99.95% Uptime Guarantee: 

5th crucial factor that you have to consider for “how to choose WordPress Hosting Plans” is uptime. When the uptime of your website is not high then you may also lose your potential customers. Therefore, make sure that your WordPress hosting service provider offers 99.95% uptime in the hosting plan.

6). Will You Get a Money Back Guarantee? 

Money-back guarantee is so much worthy for customers when they don’t want to lose money on bad hosting services. There are so many hosting companies in India that are offering a money-back guarantee for 7 days trial. That means if you do not like the services of the WordPress hosting company then you can claim the money return.

7). Determine WordPress Hosting Price Too: 

WordPress Hosting Price matters a lot for the customers. They are always thinking to consider a cheap WordPress hosting plan for the website. WordPress is an easy-to-manage CMS for customers and that’s why they are also looking for some affordable options. You have to choose those websites only which are offering cheap hosting for WordPress.

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8). Automatic WordPress Core Software and Security Updates: 

The 8th factor for choosing WordPress Hosting Plans is determined by the “automatic WordPress core software and security updates” in the hosting company. Hosting for WordPress will not be fool proof for you when your hosting company does not offer automatic software and security updates.

9). 24/7 Customer Support: 

Make sure that you are considering this factor for “how to choose WordPress Hosting Plans”. Why it is important for you? If you do not get 24 hours to support, then you can’t complain about the errors, downtime, and other issues on your website. Your hosting provider must offer call support and chat support both for the best hosting website.

10). Hosting Company Offers Free Business Email for One Year: 

Not all companies with the best hosting website are offering one free business email for one year. Whenever you are going to buy the best WordPress hosting plan, then try to choose the company only which offers free business email for your domain.

The Bottom Line:

Hence, if you want to buy free WordPress hosting, then you should consider a domain with the name Dot WordPress. Cheap WordPress hosting is also available on the best hosting website for customers which is Max Cloud Host.

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